It's been said that time heals all wounds and
bridges all the emptiness between blood
and its source.
Time also can wrest apart the fabric of humanity,
weakened by a single thread caught hanging from
an old stitch, begging to be pulled,
rather than cut.

This slow passing allows infection the uncertainty
of its death, enabling the pain the hate the
ignorance of a careless experience to
fester the soul with the recollection
of regret.

The heart, if ignored, will reveal a glamorous
rendering of extravagant curiosity;
So wither and fade unannounced with the grimace
of a disappointing carnival ride...loud with
the cold sounds of metal supporting a
structure not worth its reputation.

Russell J. Sether

Poem Copyright ; 1998 Russell J. Sether. All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright ; 1998 Elisa Terranova. All Rights Reserved.