Jesus Christ

I gave birth to the baby Jesus
.....and he looked a lot like you.
I threw up the baby Jesus
.....and I could smell your puke.
I changed the diapers of baby Jesus
.....and it was your shit.
I culled and suckled the baby Jesus
.....and you bit off a nipple.
I rejected the baby Jesus
.....and you clung to me.
I renounced the baby Jesus and you pretended not to hear his cries
He looks so much like you I regret his parentage.
You fucked the ugliest virgin in thousands of years and
hit the jackpot with the only baby Jesus
left to be born.
I taught the baby last accepting my motherhood
while you slowly became more stupid....
....confirmed in your belief of self-correction
as an educated man who grew up with too much holy wine.
I let go of the baby Jesus from a bridge over raging waters
while you weren't looking
.....and then you were gone.

Russell J. Sether

Poem Copyright ; 1998 Russell J. Sether. All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright ; 1998 Elisa Terranova. All Rights Reserved.