One of the Drug Poems

Cocaine is the high class courtesan of drug use.
At best it is an expensive mistress who demands
a lot out of you.
Speed is just a cheap whore who will fuck anybody,
and asks that you simply stay awake.
Whereas coke falsely embraces the charisma
of creative spontaneity....that heartfelt experiment
with impulse....and smothers it with accidental
affection, methamphetamine abuses the charm
of artistic risk and instead cold-heartedly strips
naked and surgically eviscerates our subconscious
obsessions and feeds them to any animal who will eat it.
Even when it's paid for, speed takes the romance
out of sex.
Coke just takes everything, period.

Russell J. Sether

Poem Copyright ; 1998 Russell J. Sether. All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright ; 1998 Elisa Terranova. All Rights Reserved.